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We would be thrilled to partner with you to create the perfect piece to fit your space and needs. You can call or email us to get started or complete the Project Information Form linked below.

Things to know about custom furniture:

  • Custom furniture doesn't have to be stressful or time-consuming.  Clay Street Woodworks will take care of all the details and will even design a piece for your approval.

  • Custom furniture is made specifically for you.  That means it fits your space perfectly.  It also means that it takes some time.  Lead times typically run between a month and three months so that we can get everything just right.

  • Custom furniture from Clay Street Woodworks is carefully produced one piece at a time from high quality materials.  As a result, it will generally be slightly more expensive than mass-produced items.  It will also look nicer and last longer.

  • Wood is a naturally occurring material and contains lots of variation in grain and color. You should expect grain and color variation in your final piece. We think that's part of what makes our furniture so beautiful. 

Design Fee

If you are having a piece custom designed, Clay Street Woodworks may ask for a $100 design fee to produce a three dimensional CAD drawing.  This will ensure that the design will look just as good in real life as it does on paper, and the fee will be applied to the final cost of the project if you choose to move forward.


This is the the fun part: when your vision becomes reality. We request one-half of the payment prior to beginning production; once payment is received we will begin bringing your piece to life, from the raw wood to the final finishing touches. Throughout the process we will continue to be in contact with you to ensure the piece is exactly what you envisioned.  The balance is due on delivery.

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