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 We make simple, elegant pieces, which derive their beauty from exposed joinery, graceful lines, and natural wood.  All of our home furnishings are made from 100% hardwood and are built to last for generations.

All of the designs featured below can be expanded into a set that includes matching pieces. If you don't find what you're looking for or would like to use one of the pieces below as a jumping off point for a custom design, please don't hesitate to contact us for a free design consultation.



Loosely based on Japanese designs, this sturdy coffee table features graceful curves combined with strong lines. The base is walnut joined with mortise and tenons around a maple panel. The legs taper upward towards the top, which is book-matched walnut.  

Matching console table and end tables are also available.


Designed to match the Fay Coffee Table. Loosely based on Japanese designs, these sturdy end tables feature graceful curves combined with strong lines. The base is walnut joined with mortise and tenons around a maple panel. 


The drawer is fashioned from maple with a custom designed ebonized pull. 


Based on the mid-century modern style, this console table combines a walnut cabinet with a welded steel base to create a more industrial look. The top and two sides are cut from one large piece resulting in continuous grain around the whole cabinet, as well as on the drawer fronts. The corners are joined with mitered dovetails, while the central dividers are held together with mortise and tenons. The drawers feature dovetail joinery, walnut fronts, and maple cases and are available in two large drawers (as pictured) or four smaller ones.


A smaller version of the large industrial console table, this smaller version squeezes all the best parts into a more compact design.  The welded steel base gives it a clean industrial look while the walnut case with its hand-cut joinery and beautiful continuous grain make it feel warm and inviting.  The single long shelf is perfect for getting electronics out of the way, while two 8-inch tall drawers provide lots of storage.  Drawers are constructed with maple cases.


Built to match the Industrial Console Tables, this end table comes with all the same features: a welded steel base, walnut case, and maple drawer boxes.  The simple lines go nicely with the beautiful joinery.  The case is constructed with continuous grain on the tops and sides and joined with mitered dovetails.

from $1200

Loosely based on Arts and Crafts designs, this bed frame and headboard features exposed joinery and beautiful, natural wood colors. The headboard is constructed of hard maple, joined by through tenons held firmly together with unfinished walnut tusks. The frame is intentionally plain in color to showcase the continuous, red grain of the three bubinga panels.

Bed frame or stand-alone headboard available in sizes from twin to king. Matching dresser and nightstands are also available.


This 42" diameter table was originally designed for the 2018 Denver Life Magazine Designer Showhouse.  The circular top is made from a single piece of walnut, which gives it a warm but visually consistent look.  The two halves of the top are book-matched, which creates a remarkably symmetrical quality when viewed from the top.  The base of the table is ebonized walnut; it appears jet black with flecks of brown.  The base is a complex geometric design that gives it a varying asymmetrical appearance from any angle.



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